From 07/25/2019 to 08/23/2019


04:23 PM VbzCart shopping UI Bug #143 (New): confirmation page should show data from order, not cart
I foolishly started rewriting the process so that order-import would be done by the admin, but then I found all this ... Woozle Hypertwin
04:19 PM VbzCart shopping UI Bug #142 (New): shopping cart page in checkout sequence isn't editable
It should either be editable or some things should change. (I'm inclined to think that it should be editable until th... Woozle Hypertwin
04:03 PM VbzCart shopping UI Bug #141 (New): login links don't work on checkout "shipping" page
There are two login links on the shipping-form page:
* top right corner (note that the "logout" link, when user is l...
Woozle Hypertwin

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