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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Project
145SupportNewNormalMissing information in setup guide09/01/2019 09:15 PMFerreteria
144SupportNewHighVbzCart setup Documentation correctionWoozle Hypertwin09/01/2019 09:13 PMVbzCart
143BugNewNormalconfirmation page should show data from order, not cart08/18/2019 04:23 PMVbzCart shopping UI
142BugNewNormalshopping cart page in checkout sequence isn't editable08/18/2019 04:19 PMVbzCart shopping UI
141BugNewNormallogin links don't work on checkout "shipping" page08/18/2019 04:04 PMVbzCart shopping UI
134BugNewNormalv2 filed link pages displaying error messageWoozle Hypertwin08/03/2018 10:32 AMIssuepedia
125BugNewNormalsome post-incident tidyingWoozle Hypertwin06/01/2018 08:38
112BugNewNormalshowing/hiding doesn't work on search results page05/18/2018 06:02
111BugNewNormalsearch/topic not showing in-stock items05/18/2018 03:42
102BugNewNormalSupplier Index numbers disagree with Supplier page and Dept pageWoozle Hypertwin05/14/2018 01:43 AMVbzCart shopping UI
96TaskNewNormalScript writing04/14/2018 05:31
93FeatureNewNormalfix entry formsWoozle Hypertwin02/04/2018 12:43 AMPsyCrit
92TaskNewLowfind out what the deal is with the support botWoozle Hypertwin01/15/2018 02:44
91TaskNewHighmigrate media files off Amazon S3Woozle Hypertwin08/25/2018 07:31
78FeatureNewNormalimage file existence flagWoozle Hypertwin11/29/2016 06:14 AMVbzCart
77FeatureNewNormalimage file verifyWoozle Hypertwin11/29/2016 06:13 AMVbzCart
76TaskNewNormalDeal with UPSsWoozle Hypertwin04/13/2018 11:20 AMHypertwin Manor
60SupportNewNormalmissing imagesWoozle Hypertwin11/29/2016 06:10
56BugNewNormalimages for non-available variants should not showWoozle Hypertwin04/03/2016 10:27 AMVbzCart shopping UI
55FeatureNewNormalunavailable titles should have "unavailable" in URLWoozle Hypertwin02/29/2016 09:02 AMVbzCart shopping UI
54BugNewNormalstock line moves not logged properlyWoozle Hypertwin02/29/2016 08:56 AMVbzCart admin interface
53BugNewNormal"when created" field not being set when Stock Bin is createdWoozle Hypertwin02/24/2016 08:44 PMVbzCart admin interface
52FeatureNewLowneed "taint now" in Stock Bin editorWoozle Hypertwin11/07/2015 08:27 PMVbzCart admin interface
51FeatureNewNormalneed "void now" in Stock Bin editorWoozle Hypertwin11/07/2015 08:27 PMVbzCart admin interface
50FeatureNewLowchanges to Stock Bins should be loggedWoozle Hypertwin11/07/2015 08:26 PMVbzCart admin interface
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