From 03/31/2018 to 04/29/2018


09:59 PM Task #95 (Closed): Server Migration
Server migration "complete":, old server droplet archived to snapshot and des... Woozle Hypertwin
09:56 PM Bug #98 (Closed): "perform full suspension" button and login status "disable" link do not work
"perform full suspension" presents an "are you sure?" dialog box, but when you answer "yes", nothing changes and it r... Woozle Hypertwin
09:54 PM Bug #97 (Closed): emails not being sent
After a user failed to receive a password-reset email, I had the @news account request a password reset. The email wa... Woozle Hypertwin
12:24 AM Original tootcat server mothballed
As planned after the successful migration 2 days ago (I think?), I have now destroyed the original tootcat droplet on... Woozle Hypertwin


05:31 PM Task #96: Script writing
things that may also be backed up
* The nginx config (under /etc/nginx/sites-available/default)
* The systemd confi...
Charlotte Fields
05:24 PM Task #96 (New): Script writing
Make a script to complete a migration with minimal user input.
* setup clean landingpad for the migration (g...
Charlotte Fields
05:17 PM Task #95 (Closed): Server Migration
Moving tootcat to tootcat2 (called so because of it's subdomain)
This will have a few parts that will be as sub is...
Charlotte Fields

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