PVP specs

Added by Michael German almost 7 years ago

Player-to-player interactions in SN are events (/cards) that you invite another player to participate in. They could work as skill challenges, where the difficulty your skill is tested against is the corresponding skill of the other player

A "challenge [PlayerName] to a game of chess" event where your Logic skill is tested against their Logic skill, or a "Hunt [PlayerName] for sport" event where your Matter skill is tested against their Matter skill, etc

Both of your skills are tested, separately, against a skill challenge

"Rob the museum" event where both your Mind skills are tested against a Mind Difficulty Challenge and the results are generated according to your individual results

(A challenge where both your skills are tested together against a skill challenge could also be a possibility)

"Defeat the final boss" where your Matter skills are added/averaged/boosted/something and tested against a difficulty challenge

Or results are luck-based

A "go shopping with" event where you each "buy" a random item

If we go this route for it, PTP events will need to be creator-written. I can't imagine making the game any more multiplayer than this, although what about having a friends list included and some kind of in-game chat system? The game will need some way of managing "friends" anyway, I think, to prevent players from harassing each other.