• 3rd-party

    software we didn't write

    • free/open source software

      This is where we will track issues we discover in 3rd-party-maintained software that we use.

      These projects may already have their own official bug-trackers. For those that do, this will be
      • a kind of clearing-house for issues, to make sure we don't file duplicate bug reports...
      • Friendica

        It's not clear if issues with plug-ins go in the same place, or if the plug-ins have their own tracker....

      • Redmine

        Support for Redmine and Ruby on Rails is kind of pathetic, so I'm not even trying to get Redmine issues resolved and am instead focusing on writing my own project-manager which will include needed features like cost-tracking (rate per unit, fixed price charges, etc.) and invoicing....

      • simple-scan

        This is a GUI app for scanning multiple pages from a flatbed or sheet-fed scanner. It refers to itself (main window title) as "Document Scanner" when running.

    • proprietary
      These are projects where we have little or no access to the code. We have interest in these projects for the following reasons:
      • (more recently) creating external software for interfacing with these services
      • (formerly; possibly no longer relevant) tracking issues with these services...
      • Google+

        This is mainly an idea-mine for improving open-source social networks; we have no expectation that Google will take any significant interest in user input regarding its own product.

        There is an older issue tracker here...

      • NDArchive

        a browser plugin which allows detailed per-post archiving on Nextdoor, including all commments

  • Collaborations

    just a folder for putting collaborative work

    • Audacious Space Pirates

      a probably-temporary home for public-facing information about the ASP project

      We are still investigating the software options for a more permanent home.

    • people

      people-oriented projects

    • Reality

      While the existence of this project is, strictly speaking, nothing more than a well-supported theory, we are treating it as... well... real, and trying to improve it.

      • humans

        parent project for human stuff

        • Human Chassis

          issues with the physical aspects of being human

        • Human Nature

          issues deriving from human psychology

          These may be emergent from the general nature of being a social species, sapience in general, or the intersection of those two, but they may also be due to the particular nature of humans in particular.

        • Human Society

          There are many, many problems with human society /civilization, and it's past time to properly track them and efforts to solve them.

          Human society is now largely dominated by ideas promoted by the imperialism and colonialism of the global West, so could also be called "Western society"...

      • TabFiler

        a simple browser extension for offloading groups of tabs to a single file which can be reloaded later

    • Virtual Bazaar

      This is an umbrella project for reclaiming the economy via distributed ownership of commerce.

      It includes the following pieces:
      • VbzCart - the shopping cart software
      • vbz-net - the home/flagship instance

        the web site running VbzCart (and maybe other things eventually)

        Note: Old issues are being tracked on the old Redmine ; eventually those issues will be closed. New issues should be opened here, not there....

      • VbzCart

        e-commerce core

        Note: Old issues are being tracked on the old Redmine (site currently inaccessible) ; eventually those issues will be closed. New issues should be opened here, not there....

        • VbzCart admin interface

          the part of VbzCart only seen by site administrators

        • VbzCart shopping UI

          the part of VbzCart which exhibits items to the public, handles the customer-facing shopping cart and checkout, etc.

  • desktops

    There generally isn't anything much secret in desktops, and they don't have as much to keep track of, so I'll mainly just have wiki pages for them.

  • hypertwins

    This is stuff which belongs on the other Redmine server ( which died after an upgrade and I haven't been able to get it working since.

    This will probably mostly be a folder for sub-projects.

  • Testbed Trailer

    Dogfooding it up with a fifth wheel and as many modular systems as we can feasably test in one go.
    Also a platform for testing assumptions about minimal living and organizational systems.

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