preliminary thinking-out-loud

Added by Woozle Hypertwin over 2 years ago

I think we need to start off by looking at ways to bring in revenue; once those are at least functioning or done-for-now, we can start interleaving more forward-looking projects.

Ideas that come to mind:
  • PsyCrit - have you finish it, bill the site owner for it
    • have to make sure he's okay with this first
  • get VbzCart working, back online
  • generate more contributions for (Patreon? LiberaPay? other?)
  • migrate sites off cloud3 (will save, I think, $20/month for hosting)
  • Kickstarter-potential projects:
    • Snorp
    • Coagitate (Tessa has recently taken an interest in at least some of the pieces of this; discussion underway)
  • generate more interest/contributions for other projects like Issuepedia, HTYP

Probably more will come to me later, but this is a good start.