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02:05 PM NDArchive Bug #267 (New): seems to be hanging
This may be a problem with threads that have been closed, or it may be ND being slow today, but NDArchive keeps hangi...


02:27 PM simple-scan Feature #266 (New): better sorting UI
SS provides the ability to rearrange the order of scanned pages so that they will be numbered properly when saved. It...
02:27 PM simple-scan Wiki edit: Duplicate_index_handling (#1)
02:22 PM simple-scan Wiki edit: Wiki (#1)
01:46 PM simple-scan Feature #265 (New): change default filetype for saving
SS always defaults to PDF for the output type. Even if you change it to another type when saving one set of files, an...
12:35 AM NDArchive Feature #260 (Closed): add progress & error reports
After adding the progress report, Sophia noticed that the download was stopping before all of the content had been fe...
12:35 AM NDArchive 14.00 hours (Feature #260 (Closed): add progress & error reports)
coding; found & fixed a bug
12:16 AM NDArchive Feature #260 (Closed): add progress & error reports
Sophia wanted to avoid the perception of the process hanging, whenever there was a lot of data to pull in, since this...


05:33 PM NDArchive Bug #259 (Closed): work with more URL formats
If I find any examples of URLs that don't work with this change, I'll reopen the ticket and add details.
05:33 PM NDArchive 0.20 hour (Bug #259 (Closed): work with more URL formats)
"I literally just had to change it from getting the last component of the path to the 2nd component"

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