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04:19 PM WorkFerret Bug #249 (New): Adding new session to existing invoice sets total incorrectly
Adding sessions to an existing invoice sets the invoice's total to the session total. Also, there should be a "recalc...


05:46 PM WorkFerret Feature #247 (New): ability to sort newest-first
This would help with data entry, because we're usually from oldest to newest which means that after a lot of entries,...


06:56 PM WorkFerret Feature #246 (New): session daily totals are... confusing
The totals "here": are completely wrong, and I can't even tell what they mig...
05:41 PM WorkFerret Bug #245 (New): [Save] button for single-session editing is way off to the left
put it inside the table, somehow; maybe center it there, too
05:35 PM WorkFerret Feature #244 (New): data entry ergonomics: remember last date entered
Instead of always defaulting to the current date/time, default to the last date entered in the current session.
05:11 PM WorkFerret Feature #243 (New): "NEW" link should be more prominent
Make it larger or something. It could even be a button.
ACTUALLY: what might work better is for "NEW" to be a pers...
05:10 PM WorkFerret Feature #242 (New): strip off dollar sign from dollar figures
I haven't actually checked, so this might already be taken care of -- but really, the code should strip out anything ...


02:21 PM Redmine Bug #240 (New): incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and ASCII-8BIT


07:01 PM Hypertwin Manor Confidential Wiki edit: Bill_log (#71)


11:00 PM Hypertwin Manor Confidential Wiki edit: Bill_log (#70)

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