Trial run, take 2

Can Redmine be used like a mailing list?
Added by Woozle Hypertwin over 7 years ago

(I belatedly realized that "Hypertwin Manor" is a public project, and anything there can be found and accessed by anonymous people who might happen to find this site. So I'm deleting that post and reposting it here.)

My goal is to get everyone in the Manor more involved in discussions surrounding logistics and money, partly but not entirely as part of working out how to redistribute my chores when I go in for SRS. "Everyone in the house" would include Zander, even though he is out of the house a lot, mainly so he's in the loop for when he is here. So the mailing list would be: Sandy, me, Mel, Zander, Benjamin.

My plan is to set up a mailing list of some sort. I think Webmin can facilitate an actual traditional mailing list, but I'm thinking that Redmine would make it easier to manage if it can be used that way. Preliminary results suggest that "News" items (such as this) generate an email which includes the text of the post. I don't know if it includes the whole post or how readable it will be when there are more than a line or two in the post.

On the benefit side, there are also the forums, so discussion of posted news items could continue in an organized fashion rather than in the somewhat haphazard format that typically happens with mailing lists. The issue tracker could also be used for shared tasks.

The purpose of this email is mainly as a test to see how the email notification for a longish message looks -- and then since I'm typing something longish, why not try to explain the larger point of the exercise, at least for Sandy's benefit...