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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Project
239TaskNewNormalWrite Wrap-UpAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:59 PMAcademia Angst
238TaskNewNormalConsult with MarkAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:59 PMAcademia Angst
237TaskNewNormalWrite Body of PaperAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:58 PMAcademia Angst
236TaskNewNormalOrganize QuotesAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:58 PMAcademia Angst
235TaskNewNormalFind Supporting QuotesAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:58 PMAcademia Angst
234TaskNewNormalMake OutlineAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:57 PMAcademia Angst
233TaskNewNormalReview of LiteratureAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:53 PMAcademia Angst
232TaskNewNormal(Start and) Finish Logical Inquiry PassageAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:48 PMAcademia Angst
231TaskNewNormalFinish Research PaperAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:45 PMAcademia Angst
230TaskNewNormalWrite Wrap-UpAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:42 PMAcademia Angst
229TaskNewNormalWrite Wrap-UpAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:41 PMAcademia Angst
228TaskResolvedNormalCheck in with NoraAdrian Rae02/05/2020 03:55 PMAcademia Angst
227TaskNewNormalInvestigate Career Pathways (3+)Adrian Rae02/04/2020 07:40 PMAcademia Angst
226TaskNewNormalFinish 3+ InterviewsAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:29 PMAcademia Angst
225TaskNewNormalConsult with DianeAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:40 PMAcademia Angst
223TaskNewNormalDetermine Funding NeedsAdrian Rae02/04/2020 01:42 AMMission: Hatch the Egg
222TaskNewNormalDetermine Annual Household IncomeAdrian Rae02/04/2020 01:41 AMMission: Hatch the Egg
221TaskNewNormalEmail Rep. Brianna TitoneAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:42 PMAcademia Angst
220TaskNewNormalApply For TFF FundingAdrian Rae02/04/2020 01:51 AMMission: Hatch the Egg
219TaskNewNormalFinish Global Awareness PassageAdrian Rae02/05/2020 03:54 PMAcademia Angst
217TaskNewNormalFinish Career Exploration PassageAdrian Rae02/04/2020 07:29 PMAcademia Angst

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