Bug #103

Updated by Woozle Hypertwin about 2 years ago

# The degree to which it functions at all depends heavily on how much money a participant is able to spend. (see issue about money being OP stat)
# Even when participants are on equal footing financially, decisions do not appear to be based on any kind of rational appraisal of the evidence.
# Too much in-person participation required; should be asynchronous and offsite unless there is compelling reason to do it in person or synchronously.

This is both *an example of* and *caused by* issue #109:
* *example of*: The courtroom decisionmaking process, while documented at great length, is broken as described above.
** The documentation is also terrible.
* *caused by*: If we had better political decisionmaking processes, we could begin to fix the problems with the court system through legislation.