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Total time: 20.80 hours

Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
toot.cat04/13/2018Charlotte FieldsDevelopmentTask #96: Script writingSpent a surprisingly long amount of time setting up and doing some minimal testing of the database migration script, it is not quite ready for deployment yet.6.00
toot.cat04/29/2018Woozle HypertwinAdministrationTask #95: Server MigrationLottie did most of the work.10.00
toot.cat04/30/2018Woozle HypertwinAdministrationBug #97: emails not being sentproblem remains elusive2.00
toot.cat05/03/2018Woozle HypertwinAdministrationBug #97: emails not being sentsolved apparently1.00
toot.cat04/29/2018Woozle HypertwinDocumentationBug #97: emails not being sentproblem is cloud5 Postfix not accepting IPv6 connections1.00
toot.cat05/31/2018Woozle HypertwinAdministrationBug #124: IPv6 issues on httpsproblem replicated; copied line in Nginx config0.20
toot.cat05/04/2018Woozle HypertwinDocumentationBug #98: "perform full suspension" button and login status "disable" link do not worka place to put private info0.20
toot.cat05/02/2018Woozle HypertwinCommunicationBug #97: emails not being senttrouble-ticket submitted0.20
toot.cat05/31/2018Woozle HypertwinCommunicationBug #124: IPv6 issues on httpsuser reports success0.10
toot.cat05/04/2018Woozle HypertwinCommunicationBug #98: "perform full suspension" button and login status "disable" link do not worksolving other issue solved this too0.10

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