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Total time: 137.00 hours

Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
toot.cat04/29/2018Woozle HypertwinAdministrationTask #95: Server MigrationLottie did most of the work.10.00
toot.cat04/13/2018Charlotte FieldsDevelopmentTask #96: Script writingSpent a surprisingly long amount of time setting up and doing some minimal testing of the database migration script, it is not quite ready for deployment yet.6.00
Hypertwin Manor04/13/2018Woozle HypertwinAdministrationSupport #72: fix Kitten's PCthis is pretty much a dead issue now0.00
PsyCrit02/03/2018Woozle HypertwinDevelopmentBug #57: data relationships not displaying properlymajor rewrite of SMW wrapper in Ferreteria just happened to fix both of these80.00
Hypertwin Manor01/16/2017Woozle HypertwinAdministrationTask #75: deactivate my iWireless accountseems to have been closed0.10
Hypertwin Manor01/16/2017Woozle HypertwinAdministrationTask #74: step T-Mobile hotspot down to minimumverified0.10
Hypertwin Manor12/14/2016Woozle HypertwinAdministrationTask #74: step T-Mobile hotspot down to minimumchanged plans tp $20/month0.20
Hypertwin Manor12/03/2016Woozle HypertwinCommunicationTask #75: deactivate my iWireless accountsent webmail0.70
Hypertwin Manor12/03/2016Woozle HypertwinAdministrationTask #74: step T-Mobile hotspot down to minimumwaiting for billing cycle0.20
vbz.net05/30/2016Woozle HypertwinDevelopmentBug #19: no larger images displayingI completely reworked the catalog display code a few months ago. Works now.5.00
vbz.net05/30/2016Woozle HypertwinDevelopmentBug #27: "Admin Home" link is badapparently I fixed this awhile back1.00
VbzCart admin interface02/24/2016Woozle HypertwinDevelopmentBug #53: "when created" field not being set when Stock Bin is createdfixed, I think0.50
VbzCart admin interface11/07/2015Woozle HypertwinDevelopmentFeature #50: changes to Stock Bins should be logged(issue got saved accidentally while I was still typing it)0.00
client hosting03/10/2015Woozle HypertwinAdministrationTask #29: move all accounts off HostGatorstatus update3.00
Outside Life03/10/2015Woozle HypertwinAdministrationTask #31: move real account from HG1 to Cloud3mostly done2.00
web services02/28/2015Woozle HypertwinAdministrationFeature #26: investigate Dovecot's LDAP as possible back end0.30
VbzCart admin interface12/14/2014Woozle HypertwinDevelopmentBug #6: Restock Request Item page rounds "Cost Per" field to integersimple fix0.10
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