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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
client hosting03/10/2015Woozle HypertwinAdministrationTask #29: move all accounts off HostGatorstatus update3.00
Hypertwin Manor04/13/2018Woozle HypertwinAdministrationSupport #72: fix Kitten's PCthis is pretty much a dead issue now0.00
Hypertwin Manor01/16/2017Woozle HypertwinAdministrationTask #75: deactivate my iWireless accountseems to have been closed0.10
Hypertwin Manor01/16/2017Woozle HypertwinAdministrationTask #74: step T-Mobile hotspot down to minimumverified0.10
Hypertwin Manor12/14/2016Woozle HypertwinAdministrationTask #74: step T-Mobile hotspot down to minimumchanged plans tp $20/month0.20
Hypertwin Manor12/03/2016Woozle HypertwinCommunicationTask #75: deactivate my iWireless accountsent webmail0.70
Hypertwin Manor12/03/2016Woozle HypertwinAdministrationTask #74: step T-Mobile hotspot down to minimumwaiting for billing cycle0.20
Issuepedia08/04/2018Woozle HypertwinDevelopmentBug #15: filed link not displaying on topic pagethis seems to have been fixed by the large rewrite of w3tpl a few months ago0.00
Issuepedia08/03/2018Woozle HypertwinDevelopmentBug #134: v2 filed link pages displaying error messagefixed multiple errors, but it's beginning to look not worth fixing2.00
NDArchive09/24/2021Woozle HypertwinDevelopmentFeature #260: add progress & error reportscoding; found & fixed a bug14.00
NDArchive09/22/2021Woozle HypertwinDevelopmentBug #259: work with more URL formats"I literally just had to change it from getting the last component of the path to the 2nd component"0.20
NDArchive09/22/2021Woozle HypertwinDevelopmentFeature #257: naming of output filefilename format changed as requested; verified in testing0.20
NDArchive09/22/2021Woozle HypertwinAdministrationFeature #258: prettify outputI don't know how this got re-opened. It's closed.0.00
NDArchive09/19/2021Woozle HypertwinAdministrationFeature #258: prettify outputmeant to close this issue for the *other* extension0.00
NDArchive09/19/2021Woozle HypertwinDevelopmentFeature #258: prettify outputwas a trivial tweak to the output call, iiuc0.10
NDArchive09/19/2021Woozle HypertwinDocumentationFeature #257: naming of output filemore revisions to the filespec0.00
NDArchive09/19/2021Woozle HypertwinDocumentationFeature #257: naming of output filetweaked format0.00
Nextcloud09/25/2019Woozle HypertwinCommunicationBug #146: problem accessing documentHaley reports problem has gone away0.00
Nextcloud09/25/2019Woozle HypertwinAdministrationBug #146: problem accessing documentdisabled Collabora extension0.20
Outside Life03/10/2015Woozle HypertwinAdministrationTask #31: move real account from HG1 to Cloud3mostly done2.00
proprietary09/19/2021Woozle HypertwinAdministrationFeature #254: browser scriptlet to archive Nextdoor postsextension now working & useable (belated ticket-update)6.00
proprietary09/18/2021Woozle HypertwinDocumentationFeature #254: browser scriptlet to archive Nextdoor postsexamples of posts0.20
PsyCrit02/03/2018Woozle HypertwinDevelopmentBug #57: data relationships not displaying properlymajor rewrite of SMW wrapper in Ferreteria just happened to fix both of these80.00
TabFiler09/19/2021Woozle HypertwinCommunicationBug #255: offloads more than requestedproblem may have been transient; need reliable failure-condition in order to fix, if it's still happening0.00
TabFiler09/19/2021Woozle HypertwinDevelopmentFeature #256: line-wrapping & human-readable formatting in outputwas a trivial tweak to the output call, iiuc0.10
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